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Tick Treatment in Northwest Richmond: Tips from Our Pros

At Mosquito Hunters™, we deliver superior tick treatments across the Northwest Richmond area. Our professional service is the best solution for minimizing tick issues and creating a safe outdoor space. We have the knowledge and skills to reduce current tick populations and prevent future breeding. With our help, your home or business can quickly become […]

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Mosquito Treatment in Hanover

At Mosquito Hunters™, our mosquito treatment provides a safe and efficient solution for Hanover area residents. We use a very powerful spray solution to knock out existing mosquito infestations and build a strong defense against incoming swarms. This spray is composed of pyrethroids, which come from the chrysanthemum flower. These are often used in pet […]

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Mosquito Prevention in Mechanicsville

Most of us have experienced a mosquito infestation. These pests are way too common during the summer, and dealing with their itchy bites and annoying presence can feel like an inevitability. Fortunately, there’s a solution. At Mosquito Hunters™, we are happy to offer some helpful mosquito prevention tips that can help Mechanicsville area residents enjoy […]

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Is Your Yard Ready for Mosquito Season?

As a child, did you dream of being a mosquito farmer?  I doubt it, but unfortunately most of us have probably been one at some time, albeit inadvertently.  Here at Mosquito Hunters of East Henrico-Mechanicsville we think of mosquito control as a team effort.  We treat our customers yards, but we also advise them on […]

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Everything You Never Knew About Mosquitoes

What is a culicidologist?  A culicidologist is a person who studies mosquitoes.  I am going to assume that you are not a culicidologist and though I am not officially a member of this field, I have learned much about mosquitoes since we began a mosquito control business.  I wanted to share some of this information […]

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Why Do You Need a Season-Long Program?

Baby, It’s cold outside!  Yes, we’re in the middle of winter and I know you’re not thinking about mosquitoes, however, it won’t be long before the temperatures warm up and the spring rains come. These will bring us beautiful flowers and trees, and more fun outdoors, but they also bring us pests like mosquitoes and […]

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