Never Worry About Mosquitoes Again

If treatments from other pest control companies haven’t worked in the past, your property isn’t suitable for sprays or you have an outdoor commercial entertainment space, consider the Smart Repellent System with Mosquito Hunters!  

Do you have an outdoor area that gets swarmed with mosquitoes?  Do you have a yard that is unique in shape and features that make it impossible to have standard mosquito control services? It can ruin family functions, gathering with friends, as well as enjoyment on your patio, deck or pool. 

Mosquito Hunters has a smarter way to handle this problem.  The best part is this solution is set it and forget it.  You will never think about mosquitoes again while enjoying your yard to its fullest. 

Mosquito Hunters Smart Repellent System combines on-demand protection and ease of use for the ultimate backyard mosquito protection.  This can be a standalone offering or be an additional layer of protection along with regular spray barrier treatments.   

How It Works in 6 Easy Steps

1. Our Mosquito Hunters techs analyze your property to identify the best way to maximize protection in your specific yard 

2. We place the smart repellers around the outdoor area that needs the extra protection 

3. We show you the Smart Control App you download to your phone, giving you the power to repel mosquitoes at your fingertips 

4. When activating the system on a click, low-voltage signals get sent to the repellers 

5. The system begins to disperse trace amounts of repellent into the air, repelling mosquitoes and forming a zone of protection 

6. After just 15 minutes, the full zone of protection is created! 

The Mosquito Hunters Smart Repellent System can be customized to your home – each unit provides a 20-foot radius of mosquito protection. 

Is This The Right Solution For Me? 

Here are reasons why adding our Smart Repellent System would be a benefit: 

  • You are an environmentally conscious person 
  • If you have a smaller yard 
  • If your yards have minimal foliage  
  • If you have a commercial space that is open to the public such as restaurants, rental properties, etc. 
  • You are someone who only uses their patio/pool
  • You are someone who had/has a misting system  

Did we mention that Mosquito Smart Repellent Systems are people, pet, plant and pollinator friendly? 

As a matter of fact, our Smart Repellent Systems are: 

  • Scent-free so no one will ever notice it, but mosquitoes will 
  • Not harmful to bees, butterflies, ladybugs or any other beneficial insects 
  • Placed inconspicuously around your property 
  • An excellent complement to our standard barrier treatments to create an additional barrier around high traffic areas 
  • An animal lover’s dream – pet-friendly and won’t harm birds, people or other mammals 

Take your yard back today on your terms with Mosquito Hunters Smart Repellent System. Reach out for a Free Estimate at (855) 995-3366. 

*not available in all locations 

**as accessible or applicable 

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