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Mosquito Spray in Erie: How Our Services Help Your Town

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Mosquito Facts

As temperatures go up and the sun goes down, mosquitoes descend for their next meal, and you may find yourself ducking for cover or defending yourself with nearby lawn ornaments. There are easier ways to handle your pest problems. Mosquito spray services from Mosquito Hunters® can knock uninvited mosquitoes off the guest list...

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The Best Backyard Games You’ve Never Heard Of.

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ENTRY NO. 87 CROQUET     [/krōˈkā/] What you need to play: Minimum 2 hardwood mallets Minimum 2 balls (poly-resin is today’s standard) 9 wickets (the hoops through which the balls need to be smacked) 2 end posts Chip-chip-cheerio, blokes and lassies! Ok, so you’ve probably heard of croquet before...

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The Best Backyard Games you’ve Never Heard Of.

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ENTRY NO. 436 KANJAM What you need to play: 1 frisbee-like flying disc 2 kans (these are the goals) KanJam is played with a flying disc and two cans (or “kans”), towards which you deflect the disc. The object of the game is to score points by throwing and deflecting...

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