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Image of The Best Backyard Games You’ve Never Heard Of.

The Best Backyard Games You’ve Never Heard Of.



What you need to play:

  • 1 trampoline-like net (about the size of a hula hoop)
  • 1 small bouncing ball (usually yellow) with a 12-inch circumference

There are multiple ways to play Spikeball, but the original Spikeball game consists of four players smacking a ball back and forth against thing that looks a lot like a trampoline out of an ‘80s workout video. In standard play, players line up next to each other around the trampoline. The game starts with a serve from one team to another and play continues as long as the ball is being hit from players to trampoline, and ends when an infraction occurs between either the players or the ball. Picture a higher-energy combination of volleyball and four-square. Here is a clip of two of the top Spikeball teams in the country playing in a Spikeball tournament.

Fun fact: Spikeball was a product that was briefly sold in the ‘80s by Toys R Us but was resurrected in 2008 by Chicagoan Chris Ruder.


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