Image of The Best Backyard Games You’ve Never Heard Of.

The Best Backyard Games You’ve Never Heard Of.



What you need to play:

  • 6 wooden rollors (3 red and 3 blue)
  • 2 wooden pyramid-looking goals (1 red and 1 blue)

For those of you who prefer integrating a “games of chance” element in your yard games, check this one out. Rollors is a Frankenstein love child of bowling, bocce, and horseshoes all into one – with a lucky twist. Players roll the rollors (they kinda look like wooden hockey pucks) at the goal and points are awarded to the player/team that positions their rollors closest to the goal. Each rollor has a unique number on each side and whichever number faces up when the rollor falls determines your points. Rock & roll (Get it?…Get it?)! Check out this video on Rollors to see the game in action.

Fun fact: Rollors was dreamt up by Air Force Airman Matt Butler, while flying over Afghanistan and thinking about playing yard games back home with his family.


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